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Organizational Development

Our facilitators help organizations uncover the underlying causes of performance obstacles and empower leaders to drive change through the lens of organizational culture, leadership development, and people strategy. Our facilitators have real industry experience; not just textbook knowledge. No matter how small or large the engagement, our facilitators have a robust network of subject matter experts who are able to scale and scope to provide whatever support you need to drive success.


Organizational culture is defined as the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. Over the years, we have used highly engaging and rigorous means to assess and measure organizational culture to help leaders use it as a lever for change.

Our team uses an evidence-based approach to quantify aspects of organizational culture that are proven to be linked to performance outcomes. We leverage internal dialogue, collaboration, and empirically validated culture assessments to quantify what have, until now, been the nebulous aspects of organizational performance.


High level organizations don’t wait for problems to arise before taking action, they continuously take stock of where they’re at and where they’re going and they adapt along the way. Culture management begins with committed leadership because the company’s culture always reflects the beliefs and values of its leaders. Leaders need to take a tactical and practical approach to manage their desired culture on a daily basis. This can be recognizing someone for a job well done or stopping into a colleague’s office to say hello. It could also be integrating modern technology to make work easier or offering flexibility and allowing employees to manage their own time.